Don’t Be Caught Out

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In the middle of summer on a sunny day it is all too easy to forget that in a few weeks the weather will turn colder and the central heating will need to be switched on. Initially it may be just to take the chill out of the air but gradually the hours when the system will be on increase. People can suddenly be caught unawares and find themselves in trouble because something has gone wrong with the system. Prevention is better than cure and regular boiler maintenance is the answer.

Next Year?

You may think you will remember to set that up next year but you may have a problem now. In the middle of winter demand peaks and in large conurbations like London companies dealing with repair and maintenance as well as installation of heating systems are usually working flat out.

If you have an arrangement with someone specialising in Boiler repairs in London you will be guaranteed service. Even if you don’t currently have any issues it may be worth getting an assessment of your system before the real winter hits. If you arrange an appointment you can get an expert view on the current state of your system and recommendations regarding anything that might need to be done.


You should ensure that the company you approach is suitably qualified. You will be able to gauge that by reference to its website because there is likely to be thorough details of the company, its services and experience. Some firms in the South East will cover small areas but others are likely to offer coverage of large parts of London. That does not mean they will be over stretched in any way. It probably means they have expanded because of the success of the business.

New Ideas

It is possible you might have been considering changes anyway. The whole subject of energy has been getting a good deal of publicity. There are environmental issues of course and the need for people to consider whether to use renewable energy sources. There is also the subject of cost. Energy companies year on year seem to be increasing their prices just as winter comes. The oil price is currently much lower than it has been but that is no reason to become complacent that price rises will not come in future years. You may not know too much about the things that are currently available. There are ground and air source heat pumps for example that work extremely well with under floor heating. It will cost nothing to pick up the phone and make some enquiries. You can begin with an assessment of what you have at present. After all, house prices have recovered well in London and any investment in the home is likely to add to its value. Your heating system is certainly one of those investments.

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