Beautiful black bedroom that you will be inspired

When it comes to bedroom color palettes, a color that is often overlooked is black. Decorating with black is considered by many as a risky affair at the best of times and the popular trend has been to use light, relaxing backdrops in the bedroom along with bright accent hues. The resurgence of gray as the hot new neutral has also helped in pushing black to the backdrop. Yet, bedrooms in black are beautiful, stylish and have an inimitable visual flair that is hard to match. Black bedrooms can turn that small space into a chic refuge where the bold and the dramatic meet cozy, contemporary flamboyance!
 Black is one of the automatic choices in the color scheme when it comes to shaping cool bachelor pads. The bedroom is no different in this regard and the dark backdrop allows the beautiful light fixtures and the wonderful vase collection to shine through brilliantly. The ceiling, ambient light fixtures, the carpet and the bed are all draped in black to accentuate this effect

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