Glamorous apartment designs by Anton Biytsev in Kiev, Ukraine

Known as fascinating works of the talented designer Anton Biytsev, these 3 apartments situated in Kiev, the prosperous capital and the largest city of Ukraine displays an artistic mix of sleek lines, neutral color palettes and contemporary architecture and interior design.
Why don’t we take a visit and see how fantastic they are?

In the first apartment, by widely employing the gray color, Anton Biytsev created a lighter nearly white version on the walls that opens up the space. The apartment is comprised of an elegant living room with a marble-style accent wall, an angular modern sofa and chrome coffee table; the luxurious bedrooms and a reflective kitchen cabinetry.

The second apartment welcomes visitors to an exciting living space with a modern living room, interesting wire light fixtures and a small contemporary dinning room beautified by lovely seats.

The third apartment brings a bit more color into the equation. And that color is a bold and stylish mustard yellow.

The space also makes use of levels, with an elevated dining room that gives the apartment a distinct sense of elegance.

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