Amazing Ideas for Indoor Water Features

Water features are most often thought of as being something that you find outside. And while a garden water feature is a great thing to have, you don't have to restrict them to the outside world. Indoor water features can make a brilliant talking point, as well as an unusual focal point for a room. They can be big or small, understated or dramatic, and they're a nice change from the usual artwork people decorate their homes with. If you're thinking about adding an indoor water feature to your home, have a look at these ideas to decide what sort of thing to choose.


For a dramatic water feature, you can't go wrong with a waterfall, both inside, and outside. But whereas with an outdoor waterfall you can afford to go a bit wilder and more rugged, you want your indoor fall to be quiet and zen. You don't want any splashback from the waterfall, so it should be smooth and gentle. You could choose a contemporary straight-up-and-down waterfall along one of your walls. Or try something more elaborate, such as something with an Eastern feel.

Indoor Swimming Pool

It might be a slight stretch to call a swimming pool a "water feature", but you can definitely turn pools into features. An indoor pool can be the basis for a whole room, serving as a focal point for everything around it. Expect pool installers like Penguin Pools can help you to map out a plan for your indoor pool. The space that houses your indoor pool could have a bar, loungers, and even a dining space. Using partitions and lots of floor space, you could easily separate the water from any areas such as a small kitchen or media area.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

There are some fantastic ways to install a water feature and make your indoor space feel like the outdoors. Blur the lines of inside and out with some greenery around a pool of water or even some large rocks. Use natural materials and let in lots of light to create a space that's tranquil and warm. You can sit by your water feature and enjoy the feel of nature without ever having to leave the house.


If you've got a big budget, why not put a stream through the floor? It will certainly be a talking point for any visitors, and it will make a relaxing place to go when you need some downtime. This project is only for the very committed, however. It's not something you can easily take out.

Use Up Empty Space

If you have empty space around the house, a water feature could be a great idea to fill it. Instead of just putting a vase or plant down, consider a small or large water feature in that blank space. For example, you might have an empty space under the stairs. It's the perfect spot for something decorative, since it's not big enough for anything functional.

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