Cleaning your home quickly by some useful tips

When you ask your friend come to your home, you always want you are in a tidy space with beautiful and modern furniture.
But imagine thatyou’re currently standing on a living room floor full of children’s toys, cast off pillows, discarded backpacks and school books – and the rest of your home looks quite similar. Somehow you need to transform your home in half an hour or less – but how? Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy guide to speed cleaning.
Kitchen – Stack up all of the bills, magazines, junk mail and other clutter littering your kitchen counter and stick them in a drawer or cabinet for later sorting. Put your dirty dishes in the dish washer and rinse out your sink. Give it a quick spray and wipe to clean out any food debris. Then, spray and wipe down your counters, stove top and the fronts of your appliances to cut any grease and food splatter marks. Sweep as much of your kitchen floor as possible.
 Bathroom – Choose the bathroom or powder room in your home where you’ll be directing your guest when they ask to use your restroom. Clean the toilet. Quickly spray and wipe down the mirror, countertops and fluff the hand towels and rugs.
Living Room/ Family Room – Grab a couple of empty baskets and toss all children’s toys into one and all other items strewn across the floor into another. Hide them in the closet to sort through and clean up later. Fluff the pillows and fold the throw blankets.

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