Adding a Touch of Tribal to Your Living Quarters

The term ‘tribal’ has been bandied around for quite some time now. It can mean anything when it comes to home interiors. If you are keen to make sure that your home is the epitome of the tribal trend, there are some great ways that you can incorporate this key look.
The tribal look has surpassed trends and fads. It has become an important interior design feature for many. So, if you are new to the trend you may want to add small, unique features. If you are a fully paid up member of the tribal fan club, you may want to look at ways that you can make your living quarters bigger and bolder.

However, you approach this interior design essential; there are some great ways that you can add touches of tribal. This can be done without going overboard.

Essential Features

When it comes to tribal, you may want to play the trend as an understated look. If this applies to you, you may want to seek out rugs and soft furnishings. This is an excellent way of making your living space look ethnic and quirky, without going OTT. Take a look at the antique Persian Kurdish online gallery for key tips on how to add delicate fabrics to your home. This should serve to be your mood board and inspiration for how to proceed with this look.

Cushions should be added with gusto. Many people believe that they should only add one or two cushions. But, for the tribal look to work well, you need to add a vast array of different cushions. There is no uniform when it comes to tribal interiors. Coordinated is not the name of the game. Add animal prints in contrasting tones and fabrics. Suede, cotton and silk can all look opulent but not too ‘try hard’. Make sure that you are adding swags of fabric to your curtain poles for a truly decadent look. Opt for vibrant tones to ensure that you are keeping with the theme of the tribal affair.

Monochrome Tribal

Opting for black and white is a great way to pull this look off. If you are approaching this look with trepidation, this could be the key to having this feature in your home. Opt for black and white walls but add zebra printing. Go for dark brown and mahogany tones when it comes to furniture. Ditch the distressed look and go for super shiny, highly polished wood. Keep your sofa leather and dark brown for an incredible decadent feel. To start adding features of tribal into your living room, add leopard prints as essential features. Candles, ornaments and pillows are beautiful features to add. Add prints of safari animals to the wall in contrasting frames. Keep the frames the same colour, but go for different shapes and looks overall.

You don’t have to go wild with a rich palette. You can keep this loom muted and understated if that is more your thing.

The tribal look is going nowhere. How will you change your living room?

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