Elegant and refined bathroom offered by Minacciolo

Minacciolo has offered unprecedented bathroom style that is refined and elegant. They can make every bathroom feel elegant whether you live in the city or in the country, whether you have a house by the sea or in the mountains.
Delicate colors and soft lines create a cozy atmosphere. The elegant finishes and the many options in items available afford lots of compositional freedom. Craft tradition and design culture are the authentic expression of the “Made in Italy” label.

Bathroom area is the perfect balance between reminiscing about times gone and pure contemporary comfort, to create a refined and inviting space in English Mood. Careful and elegant in bathroom design brings together the aristocratic consistency and every unit is justified as being functional without any useless excess decorations. But it still has the wow factor and in fact it stands out due to its subtle elegance, rewarding the master of the house as well as the guests. Minacciolo also offers bathroom fixtures in addition to all the wooden furnishings. Now take your time to look at some bathroom design from Minacciolo.

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