Exciting accessories from a beautiful home in Venice

Venice is famous city in the world with their romantic beauty, timeless elegance and renowned waterways.La Casa del Tempo residence is the unique and charming design located on the famous Grand Canal and designed by Claudia Pelizzari Interior design.
The residence combines Venetian charm with a touch of eclectic brilliance. Filled with colorful contemporary artwork and an amazing collection of exciting accessories, the beautiful home welcomes you into a world of color, creativity and astonishment. The interior of the home stays true to its historic roots while adding several layers of delightful modern design on top!

The small living space and sitting area set the mood, as the walls of the rooms are covered with amazing, bright artwork that grabs your attention instantly. In fact, you almost tend to overlook the presence of the unassuming decor, and the existing wooden beams add a fascinating twist to the entire area. While most modern homeowners tend to prefer a more gallery-style display for their curated art collection, this is the case of using artwork to set the mood for a cheerful and eclectic home where every little detail surprises and enthralls you.

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