Some ways to mix, match and decorate your home

Imagining if you walked into a room and every surface was covered in the exact same type of material in the exact same shade, after getting over the initial shock factor, you would likely find the room extremely boring.
In this admittedly unlikely scenario, there’s nothing to keep you interested in the space, so it’s only natural for your eyes and mind to wander somewhere more engaging.That is reason why people often spend much time to mix, match and decorate their house. They hope that in doing so, they will take their meticulously planned space from a pulled-together, polished room to a sloppy mess.

Luckily, there are many ways to mix and match while still ensuring a cohesive design once you’re done with all the finishing touches. We collect some pictures describing the ways you can apply to decorate and mix in your house. Follow these picture suggestions while you work on mixing materials and we strongly believe that you’ll be able to navigate the design process with confidence.

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