How to Clean Your House When You’re in a Rush

Whether you love to clean or you hate it, your life may be too busy to spend hours every week making your home spotless. Read on for tips about cleaning your house quickly and efficiently.

1. Dust before you sweep so you can just push the dust onto the floor and get it later. Only go over each surface of your furniture and knickknacks once - if you dust every week, this is all you’ll need to get everything dust-free.

2. Vacuum each area of your floor once - you don’t need to go over every spot several times. Just like with dusting, if you’re vacuuming regularly, you’ll get everything you need to eventually.

3. In the bathroom, spritz everything with an all-purpose spray and let it sit for a few minutes while you straighten up the rest of the house. If the spray sets in, it’ll be easier to wipe up stains.

4. Make a point of wiping down the shower’s tile when you’re in the shower, like when your conditioner is setting for three minutes.

5. The kitchen is probably the dirtiest part of your house. Each night after dinner, wipe down the counters - if you do this every day, you won’t have a huge mess to clean once a week. Don’t worry about wiping crumbs on the floor - you’re going to sweep up next!

6. You can get away with vacuuming the rest of your house weekly, but when it comes to your kitchen, sweep every evening. Once a week, mop the floors. Sometimes doing quick cleaning daily is better than doing deep cleaning once every week or so.

7. Keep everything decluttered and organized! It’ll help you clean faster and you’ll avoid dust and debris buildup when things are tidy.

8. Quickly clean your toilet by sprinkling baking soda into the bowl and scrubbing - you don’t always need fancy cleaners and chemicals!

9. Clean your bathroom mirror with glass cleaner daily - otherwise, you’ll have a sticky mirror with a lot of buildup at the end of the week, and it’ll take more time to clean.

If you hate cleaning on your own, consider hiring pros from a reliable cleaning franchise. You can scratch off your to do list’s “clean the house” from now on!

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