How to Plan For a Room By Room Revamp of Your Home

If you’re planning to revamp your home, you’ll need to think about the process involved. It’s not as easy as just diving headfirst into a project. You need to think about the size and space you have and also consider your finances. You’ll probably be looking to modernize your home with a new and trendy design.

Whatever you choose you will need to follow these steps, so the process is as stress-free and easy as possible.

Plan & Design

The first step you need to take is to plan and design the work that you’re going to do inside the home. This will involve drawing up plans and blueprints. You may want to consult an expert to find out whether the work is possible for the specific rooms in question. You need to come up with the design you want for that particular room. Also, what will be put into the room and how much it’ll cost. Don’t forget to factor cost in. A lot of people overlook this and, as a result, end up going over budget. Or worse they get midway through a project and realise it can’t be done. This is a waste of everyone’s time and money. So make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Plan and design as best you can before starting any work.

Clear Room

The next step will be to clear everything out of the room. You want to be starting from scratch. So you approach each room as though you’d just moved in, and it was empty. So first things first, you need to clear all the stuff out of the room that is currently in there. Now this is a good excuse to have a much-needed clear out of your home. Take the opportunity to get rid of anything that you don’t need or want anymore. To be honest, there’s a good bet that you’ll replace all it anyway so you need to be ruthless.


Once you’ve cleared everything out of the room, the next step is going to be to repaint. You will have decided on a color scheme when you planned the revamp. Make sure that you don’t get cold feet and change your mind halfway through. You need to be decisive in this kind of situation. Make sure you stock up on paint. You may have decided you want to have a different color scheme for each room in which case you’ll need to make provisions for this. You will be surprised at the kind of effect a fresh coat of paint has on a room. It can brighten, revitalise and rejuvenate a tired looking room into something remarkable.

Get New Furniture

Once you’ve done the repaint, and it's all dry, the next phase is to put furniture in the room. Now it’s likely that you’re going to want to replace all the pre-existing furniture with new furniture. You may even think about making some bits of furniture yourself out of oak timber. This is a quirky and cheap alternative to buying new. But whichever choice you make you will want to replace the old stuff with new pieces that fit the color scheme and design.

Add Features

After you’ve put the furniture in and performed the necessary Feng Shui, it’s time to think about adding features. Now these may be anything from vases to ornaments, to paintings hanging on the wall. They will no doubt compliment the design of the room. It will also be an opportunity for you to inject some of your personality into the room.

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