Five Tips to Styling a Studio Apartment

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Studio flats are commonplace for big city living. While studios vary in size, they all share an open concept design, which can present challenges when it comes to decorating the space. Although the space is limited, there is still plenty of opportunity to maximize the space given, decorate with creative flair, and add a touch of privacy.

Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Remove Clutter

Because of the limited area available in studio apartments, minimalism is key to maximizing the space offered. Keeping the clutter to a minimum instantly increases the space of the apartment.

Because space is at a premium, it is wise to be creative with storage. If possible, try to reduce the clutter by donating items you no longer need or use. For items you can’t part without, consider renting a storage locker, or in a furniture that doubles as storage. For example, invest in a bed, sofa, or coffee table that has a hollow compartment underneath perfect for storing books, magazines, movies, and all other items.

To keep the walls as spacious as possible, consider using wireless electronics, such as TVs from Direct TV, cable boxes, and blu-ray players. It visually keeps the walls from feeling cluttered.

2. Use Vertical Space

Most studios do not have built-in closet space. While storage was touched on slightly in the above point, in specific regards to a closet, consider using as much vertical space as possible. There are closet built-ins that hang from the ceiling, which gives options when it comes to closet placement. Instead of traditional built-ins that need to be attached to the wall, vertical built-ins can be placed wherever it is convenient.

3. Separate Rooms

One of the tricks to designing studio spaces is to create different rooms creatively. Room dividers like curtains, bookcases, screens, and even vertical closets can help delineate rooms in the space. Using room dividers helps to create separate areas while still maintaining a cohesive design sense throughout the space.

Rugs and floor pillows can also make an area feel like a space all on its own, as they act as makeshift room dividers.

4. Colors

Dark colors can often make spaces feel dark and enclosed while light colors keep the space bright and open. In the case of a studio, look to keep the main colors as neutral as possible in order to let in as much light as possible. Allow the design to shine through bright pops of color in decor, furniture, and accent pieces.

5. Double Duty

Because space is tight, look for pieces that have multiple functions. Placing a desk next to the bed means it can double as a nightstand. It can also be used as a vanity, especially if there is little bathroom space. Futons can act as beds and sofas while ottomans can double as both coffee tables and extra seating.

With a little creativity, you can easily maximize the space in your studio and make it feel as inviting as possible.

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