A luxury spa hotel with an impressive style

A luxury spa hotel with an impressive style designed by the famous architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser in the Styria thermal region of Austria named the Rogner Bad Blumau.
This hotel was originally opened in 1997 with a layout similar to that of a city since it has its own districts, a piazza-like center where the spa is located and a large array of amenities blended into the landscape.

 The beautiful project is a work of art in itself which also has the functionality of a thermal park and it offers accommodation, swimming facilities and restaurant areas set into a colorful set of buildings with patchwork facades and green roofs for a playful and highly original aesthetic.
 The Ziegelhaus is created with bricks from old farmhouses from Bad Blumau and the columns of the buildings try to emulate the trees nearby growing from the earth with no straight lines, since the architect was convinced that a straight line is unhealthy.

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