How to Handle a Water Related Emergency

Although we need water to live, it can also cause irreparable damage. If you don’t know how to handle certain emergency situations, you could end up with a huge bill on your hands. Check out this guide on how to handle a multitude of water related emergencies:

How to Handle a Burst Pipe

A burst pipe can cause damage really quickly, so you need to act fast. First, turn off your water supply and boiler. You should then go round and open all the taps so you drain the system as quickly as possible. Grab a handful of towels and try to soak up any water. Then call your plumber ASAP!

How to Handle a Frozen Pipe

Start by turning off your water supply, before checking to see if the frozen pipe has burst. Open your tap and then begin to thaw it out by using hot towels or water bottles. Don’t consider using anything like a hair dryer to thaw it out, as this can actually cause more damage. You’ll then need to call a company like A professional is always needed after a frozen pipe emergency.

How to Handle a Blocked Drain

It’s wise to check with your neighbour to see if they also have a blocked drain, as this can be an indication of what is wrong with your system. It might be something to do with the local drainage system. While you wait for a professional to come and repair your blockage, make sure you disinfect the area. You should also keep children and pets out of the way, and call a GP if you experience any ill feelings. It’s in your best interests to do this to keep yourself and home as safe as possible!

How to Handle a Leak in Your House

If there’s a leak in your home, remember you should never touch any wet electrical appliances as you could seriously harm yourself. Turn everything off at the stop tap, and call a plumber straight away. You might also consider contacting your insurance company if there are damages.

How to Handle a Flood

Unfortunately, flooding can be devastating. As soon as you can, turn off your electrical supply and contact somebody who can repair the damage. Call your insurance company straight away and provide photographs/receipts to help your claim.

How to Handle No Water

If you can’t get any water from your tap, then it’s possible there’s a burst pipe in your area. Contact your local water supplier straight away to find out what’s going on. If you have special needs, you should be informed of any changes and given what you need to help you cope.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing spectacular you can do to stop these things from happening. You just need to act as quickly as possible to minimise the damage and avoid paying out lots of money. I hope you find this guide useful and it stops you from facing a huge bill. Bye for now!

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