The house design brought natural and fresh inside

Natural and fresh in house is an amazing feature for people who are familiar to environment.It is really cute and not difficult to bring nature light and trees in our house.
Of course, we need to have solution to make sure that the trees cannot have bad effect in our health. In Singapore, the Hyla Architects had envision and implemented their work that name: “Lines of Light Residence” an imposing dwelling with a modern glass façade. The project developer for this house, at Hyla explain their work: “This terrace sits at a corner site and thus the full side of the house fronts the side street. To preserve the privacy but still allowing light and ventilation, a slatted timber screen covers the entire side elevation. At the front, an outdoor terrace with a high volume fronts the main garden. The space continues into the double volume living room with a feature book shelf that extends two stories”.
From the architects ideas, the first floor was envisioned in an open plan, with large glass sliding doors opening up to the lush side garden. One enters the house into the triple volume space with the cantilevered stairs on both sides of the walls. The living, dining and kitchen areas are all located on the bottom floor, while the bedrooms were placed on the second and third level, for a higher level of privacy. With a color palette dominated by black and white with wooden accents, the design scheme pays tribute to an elegant modern style.

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