Five Tips For Creating A Bedroom You And Your Partner Will Love

Is your bedroom looking a little worse for wear - perhaps the paint is starting to peel, or the wallpaper has bubbled? Or, do you just fancy a new style? Then perhaps it is time to think about redecorating.

However, if you share a bedroom with your partner, then decorating can seem a little tricky. It can be hard to incorporate both of your tastes and styles into one room, but there is no need to worry, that is where we come in.

To create an ideal his and hers bedroom, have a read of our fantastic tips below:

1. Start with the basics

It is best to start off thinking about the basics, like the bed, for example. To create a gender neutral bedroom, opt for a bed frame that appeals to both men and women. Ideally, you want to pick something that is not too girly but is still stylish.

Instead of opting for floral printed bedding, instead opt for neutral tones and styles. Rustic bedding is a good choice as it is gender neutral and stylish.

2. Accessories carefully

Pretty girly prints might look great, but they are not gender neutral. So, make sure to avoid them. You should also avoid colours and styles that are overly masculine.

When you are choosing accessories for your bedroom, like rugs, lampshades and curtains, avoid feminine styles. Opt for colours like mustard yellow, burnt orange and shades of blue.

3. Choose your lighting carefully

A common issues couples have when they attempt to create a bedroom that is suitable for both of them is the clashing of styles. For example, popping your delicate lamp on his masculine bedside table doesn’t look good - the two styles clash.

Instead of using bits and bobs that belong to each of you, invest in new pieces that you both love. For instance, instead of arguing over who’s lamp to use, invest in a new, neutral lamp - something that you both like.

Be careful not to choose lamps and lamp shades that are too girly or too masculine. Instead, opt for something that is gender neutral and that both of you are happy with.

4. Incorporate cozy touches

Just because you are creating a neutral bedroom space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add in some cozy touches. Just as you want a cozy bedroom space, you partner probably does too, so it is a good idea to add some cozy and comfortable features.

To give your bedroom a cozy feel, add in a neutral armchair and drape it in a warm coloured throw and pop a bright, colour popping pillow on top of it.

5. Don’t forget to add wall art

Choosing wall art for a gender neutral bedroom is a lot easier than you might think. Instead of choosing feminine or masculine pieces, look for wall art that is vibrant and fun.

Things like cityscapes, landscapes, pop art prints, and even photo collages all work well in gender neutral bedrooms. To give your bedroom a personal touch, opt for photo collages and canvas photo prints.

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