Inspiring from the theatre Speelhuis by Cepezed Architects

In Helmond, The Netherlands, a city landmark destroyed during a fire in December 2011 was rebuild into Theatre Speelhuis by Cepezed Architects practice in 2013.

The town council temporarily moved the theatre in the Our Lady of the Assumption neo-Byzantine church that was disused and it required several preconditions to host the new facility since it is a monument and had to remain in the Den Bosch diocese property so the interventions had to be minimal and absolutely reversible.

The aesthetic of the building with its rich ornaments led the designers to require little effort to make the space spectacular and the auditorium offered a great view of the paintings on the ceilings, walls as well as domes and sculptures.
The project became an immediate success and thus it ended up being a permanent venue with the artists dressing rooms and green room situated on a two-floor newly built volume to the south east side and it also includes the entrance, box office, cloak room and toilets.

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