6 Steps To An Elegant, Luxurious Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to focus a little luxury in your home. It may not be the obvious choice for renovation. Most homeowners will tackle the kitchen or living rooms first. However, we spend hours in our bathrooms, getting ready or relaxing in the bath. We ought to make it one of the best looking rooms in the house. The best bit is they’re one of the easiest rooms to renovate. All it takes is a little creativity. That’s what we’ll look at today.

1. Simplicity

Simplicity is the holy grail of an elegant bathroom. There are so few essential furniture items required, you just need to keep it simple. Stick to simple, neutral colours and work within one colour palette. Avoid visually heavy items and use small touches to decorate the room.

2. Bathroom suite

The bathroom suite is the most important thing here. It is also the only thing in your bathroom that you need to spend a lot of money on. Everything else will be small decorations and we’ll get to that in a second. Look around bathroom suppliers and decide the right style and colour for you. Again, remember to keep it simple and elegant. A good plumber in Toronto or your closest city will help you install this. The suite is the heart of your bathroom, it’s important to get this part right.

3. Lighting

Lighting can alter the perception and ambience of any room, but none more so than the bathroom. Without the right lighting, bathrooms can feel harsh and sharp. Avoid bright lights as much as possible. No-one wants a harsh, bright light when you wander in, blurry eyed, in the morning! Interior design experts suggest layering your lighting in the bathroom. Install a dimmer light at the main source. Then use smaller lamps and candles to layer it in the corners.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors serve two big functions in the bathroom. Naturally, you’ll use them to tame your crazy bed head, apply makeup or whatever else is on your morning regime! Secondly, mirrors will open up a lot of space in the room. Bathrooms are typically quite small, but a mirror will help alter this perception. Pro tip: Try to use them to reflect lights to layer the lighting even further too.

5. Flowers

Flowers will add a little texture and elegance to your bathroom. They also break up the sharp edges of marble and glass that dominate bathrooms. Again, try to stick to a simple colour theme. Soft whites are great, while the natural green stems add a touch of colour.

6. Big, fluffy towels

Again, you need to soften up the sharp edges. What better way to do this than with big, fluffy towels? They are luxurious and comfortable. Everything you need on those cold mornings. They add texture and elegance to the cold, sharp room.

That’s all there is to it! The suite is the heart of your bathroom, so spend your time getting this right. After that, it’s all about those extra touches that will soften up the room and give it a touch of luxury. How many of these could you add to your bathroom?

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