Creative Tips to Design Your Office Meeting Room

It’s a startup – something small for others, but something big for you. After all, your business is your passion. And when it is all about setting up your own office meeting room, you can come up with a creatively designed meeting room with some simple but really amazing ideas.

There is a lot more you can add to your meeting room other than just chairs and tables. The following tips will help you design an office meeting room that doesn’t only look appealing to your stakeholders, but will contribute in making all your corporate meetings worthwhile!
Begin With the Necessities

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind in the fact that space REALLY matters. Undoubtedly, not having the right equipment can halt the productivity of the entire meeting. To ensure that your office meeting room is designed in a way that it fulfills the needs of all participants of the meeting, get access to the following key items:

  • Projector, remote, and compatible hook ups
  • Computer, speakers, keyboard, and mouse/laptop (the quantity of computers or laptops depends on the number of employees)
  • Whiteboards, erasers, and markers
  • Internet access, basic power connections

Set the Layout

Now that you have purchased all the necessary equipment, it’s time to focus on the layout of your meeting room. Most importantly, this should be according to the expectations of your employees. For instance, if there are only five chairs in the meeting room and the number of employees attending the meeting exceeds this number, the layout design needs to be revised accordingly. In addition, the room should be according to the scale/size of your business. A boardroom having twenty chairs definitely looks good, but if you have only ten employees, then you simply should not waste your investment in purchasing more than ten chairs for your meeting room.

The structure of chairs and tables matter too. For an office setting that encourages employee engagement and participation during meetings, bringing in a round table with a specific number of chairs will prove to be highly productive.

Style Your Meeting Room

Though you have got the perfect equipment and layout of your meeting room, you need to be sure that your employees never get bored of the plain, old meeting room. Here are some of the great ways to add life and style to your meeting room:

  • Get access wall to make the entire look of the room more interesting.
  • Renovate the floor by adding colored tiles. If you want everything within limited budget, then you can simply get a colorful rug.
  • Add some wall graphics. This will convey your company’s business philosophy and values.
  • Get unique furniture.

Book a Meeting Space When Traveling Internationally

If your business deals with creating, managing, and retaining clients on an international basis and you plan to conduct an office meeting in another country, then you can book a meeting room online such as via This way, you can get access to the facilities and resources required to conduct a highly professional meeting with your clients. If these services are affordable, then this option is worth trying.

Avoid Mirrors and Extra Lights

Video conferencing requires a lot of concentration from both ends. For this reason, it has become extremely crucial to ensure that there are no distractions in the office meeting room. Unbelievable but true, mirrors and additional lights can create difficulty sharing business ideas because all these unnecessary items create distractions. Likewise, walls painted with enamel finishes reflect light, thus creating more disturbances during meetings. The only solution is to avoid all such items that hinder focus during meetings.

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