Elegance and luxury Restaurant designed by the Studio Odile Decq

The Opera Garnier Restaurant is an elegant locale designed in 2011 by the Studio Odile Decq with a soft curved mezzanine level above the table area and a classical aesthetic that is very suitable to the historical character of the building. This restaurant located on 8 Rue Scribe in Paris, France.
The designers wanted to offer a restaurant that is suitable to modern standards without damaging the existing structure so that the walls, pillars and ceiling were left unhindered with a façade made of glass between the pillars so that you could take a peek of the atmosphere inside.
The space can host up to 90 persons and the mezzanine was created to extend the space with columns extending to the molded plaster hull curving to create the edges of the handrail. The keystone of the dome is visible from the ground level and it can be seen from up close if you ascend to the upper level.
 The color palette is white and red for warmth and this tone also adds a level of intimacy, especially in the private space on the upper level. The carpet is also red making the entire ambiance more festive and bringing the interior spaces up to date with the carnal contrast between the red and white.

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