Store design by Studio MK27 in Brazil

One more work designed by the Studio MK27 is the Lumini Rio, a lighting fixture and illumination store and showroom in the Casa Shopping venue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The project wants to create the optimal environments for the products being sold so the interior appears as a domestic space with a façade made of wooden mushrabiyah to make the space more mysterious from outside while also permitting some of the light and glimpses to pass through.
There is a main exhibition space with two additional closed dark rooms that display the effects of each light fixture as well as special projects or automation strategies. The furniture pieces come from the designers Sergio Rodrigues and Tom Dixon offering a comfortable and relaxed setting for a better communication between the salespersons and the consumer.
The main atmosphere evoked is that of coziness dude to the natural materials chosen, mainly stone on the floor and wood for the shelving, and this approach permitted a large degree of flexibility as well so that the storeroom can be rearranged for new products with ease.

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