6 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2015

Winter is quickly coming to a close and everyone is looking forward to the fun and fresh feeling of spring. For many people, spring is the perfect time to revamp an old interior design style and start fresh with something new.

There are a lot of great inspirations from nature in this season’s trends. Everyone can get excited about incorporating these trends into their home décor for a bright new style that is sure to impress anyone. Here are six interior design trends for spring 2015.

Rustic lawn ornaments

Spring is the perfect time to dig out the old lawn ornaments, literally. This season’s most popular lawn décor consists of rustic items that are made to look old and worn. People can use these items to cover up items like lawn sprinklers or www.homesecurity911.com home security systems.

Relaxed geometric patterns

Geometric prints were really popular for the fall season, and they are making a comeback for spring. This season geometric patterns are less structured and more artistic using lines that are not perfect and light, pastel colors. This is a fun way to add some color to any room on the home. Try painting the pattern on one wall or incorporating some throw pillows with the same pattern.

Edgy gray neutrals

Gray has become the new neutral that everyone wants in their home décor. Gray is working well with the bright whites and pastel colors of spring. Home owners can choose a lighter shade of gray to make the look more natural and clean for spring.

Minimalist room layouts

Spring is the perfect time to clean out the clutter and start fresh with a bare home. Home design this season is taking that idea a bit more literally as well. Home design trends are to have as little in each room as possible, letting the natural architecture of the space and the simple pieces create the perfect look. Anyone can start clearing out their old things to make this look work in their home.

Elements from nature

With so many new spring blooms and plants creating new life for the summer, it is hard to avoid nature as an inspiration for spring home décor. This can be done a number of ways. Some home owners will bring in live plants and create unique hanging pots for them. Other home owners will just like to incorporate floral colors into their existing home design.

Stacked ceramics Ceramics look really great in spring home design for a couple of reasons. First, the natural light in the room reflects perfectly off the matte finish of ceramics. Secondly, ceramics have the perfect sophisticated and elegant look that is paired perfectly with the traditional colors and schemes of spring décor. Home owners can begin stacking up all of their ceramic pieces, even if they do not match perfectly, to create a wonderfully eclectic look in any room. This style can be done on a side table or even hung on the wall.

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