How to develop self confidence

develop self confidence
There is no alternative to becoming confident in this competitive world. To develop self confidence you have to be confident in yourself and in your powers and abilities. To be confident you need to follow some rules. Let’s learn how to develop self confidence level-
  • Ask yourself, what is your bad side? You may be mentally or physically weak. You should not waste your time by thinking that you are weak but also you have to think how you can come out from this vulnerability.
  • Try your own worth. Accept your mistakes and try to correct later.
  • You should forget your individualism and try to learn from others.
  • Try something new to develop self confidence. May be you can read a book or learn something new.
  • Help others. Keep in mind that, you will receive this help as refund. Just keep your faith and confidence of others. You will receive a reward for it.
  • Ask yourself, how self confident I am? What is the cause of this confidence? Answer of these questions honestly to yourself. You'll find your positive and negative aspects to become self confident. And now try to correct the negative aspects. On the other hand, try to reinforce the positive aspects.
  • Follow one person’s lifestyle and personality and make him ideal for you. He may be closed to you or someone far from you. Think the positive aspects of his/her personality. Find out the reason for his/her confidence. Then compare with yourself. Try to take the positive aspects of him/her.
  • Think the positive sides of yourself. Maybe you can play good cricket, maybe you are good singer, may be you can do math easily, may be you're a good friend and like that. That means you have many of the good things. Focus on them and be confident.
  • You can change your life style. It may also be a change of clothes, may be change the color of the clothes, and may be change of hair style. You need to change your outer look along with inner changes.
  • Never suffer from depression. Always associate with positive-minded people and stay away from negative-minded. So choose your friends who are being positive for you.
  • Forget the past. Whether the past was right or wrong it does not matter because you cannot change the past. Rather than, you should start newly from today learning from the past mistakes and looking for a new future.

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