Outside space in a house in Canada

Located in Quebec, Canada and was designed in 2010 by the architectural practice of Kariouk Associates for a couple and their young son is the Hill-Maheux Cottage. Because this is a house of a couple with their son so it would act as a gathering space and vacation home until one day when it will become their primary residence. The programs inside were divided for a more private section on the upper level while the primary living areas and communal zones were located on the ground floor to extend to the outdoor living areas, sauna and the lakeshore. The master bedroom was also placed at the ground level so that accessibility wouldn’t be a problem.
The top level was clad in Western Red cedar wood to create a shelter for the guest sleeping areas and the bedroom of the son, while the ground floor is more oriented toward the landscape due to the floor to ceiling glass walls and sliding doors that make the forest a part of the interior design.

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