Elegant and sophisticated interior design of M Restaurant in London

Designer Rene Dekker had been in collaboration with the restaurateur Martin Williams to bring a setting that offers a large array of dishes for design of the M Restaurant located on Threadneedle Walk in London, UK.
The interior is elegant and sophisticated without appearing pretentious and the designer described it as “A boutique hotel without any rooms or a private members club with no members.” There are two main areas on the ground floor with bespoke bronze screens representing the logo of the restaurant. The left side contains the M Grill with strong teal tones with wool tweeds for a really festive setting.
The scale of each element was carefully considered to allow a double height ceiling on the ground floor while also offering an intimate atmosphere for smaller gatherings through the niches for banquette seating and decorative lighting oriented only toward the tables for a cozy ambiance. The designer combined rich colors with a high level of details to make sure each area of the 12000 square meter space is unique and interesting.

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