Keeping your Business Premises Hygienically Clean

If you run a business keeping your business premises clean and tidy is clearly important especially if potential clients or existing customers visit your business premises. Clean and tidy premises will leave a good impression with them and inspire their confidence in your business.
In addition, numerous studies show that providing staff with a good work environment improves productivity and accuracy. It is also an important part of providing your staff with a safe working environment. A clean working environment eliminates trip and slip hazards.

Hygienic cleaning reduces staff sickness

In addition, keeping business premises hygienically clean helps to reduce incidents of sickness. Colds, flu and stomach bugs can easily spread through a workforce when surfaces are not regularly cleaned.

It is important to deep clean all surfaces that are touched by multiple people to avoid these kinds of infections running rampant amongst your staff. Good quality disinfectants need to be used that are actually designed to kill these bugs.

It makes sense to install easy to clean surfaces, which are designed to repel dirt and germs and will withstand being cleaned with strong disinfectants. Here are our suggestions to help you to choose the right flooring, wall and ceiling materials.


The ceiling is something that many firms forget to keep clean. There is nothing uglier than a dirty ceiling.

If you take the time to keep your office, warehouse or factory clean, it is important not to forget the ceiling. There are several good quality yet relativeluy inexpensive hygienic ceiling solutions for businesses on the market. Our advice is to take the time to research them and choose the best one for your work environment.

Being able to clean the ceiling properly is especially important in environments where dust can settle on the ceiling and build up to dangerous levels. You should also consider using this system in a building like a warehouse where there are diesel fumes. It is possible to extract the majority of the diesel fumes, but some will be in the atmosphere, so it will, over the years, build up on the ceiling. In this type of environment, you really need a ceiling system that is easy to remove and clean.


All walls need to be easy to wipe down. Naturally, it is important that it looks good as well as being functional. Choosing a walling material that is hardwearing and will resist knocks and scrapes in high traffic areas is particularly important.


Floors need to be durable and should be able to withstand cleaning with powerful cleansers. It needs to dry quickly to reduce the risk of slips and falls. If possible, choose a flooring material that does not have too many joins. The small gaps where one tile or section meets another are the perfect place for germs to live and breed.


When buying equipment how easy it is to clean needs to be a consideration. It makes sense to give your staff the option to wipe down handles and keyboards with disinfectant wipes when they take over the use of communal equipment.

Taking the time to build hygiene into your workspaces pays huge dividends, so it is worth doing so.

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