Stylish hotel in Windhoek, Namibia

The Olive Exclusive Boutique Hotel offers a luxurious and very stylish design being the first of its kind in the region and it is located in Windhoek, Namibia. The project was designed in a manner which combines modern architecture and design with organic textures and furnishings that try to bring out the authentic African design. The use of wooden benches, tree stumps, sculpted granite together with Namibian landscapes manage to bring the same elements as those from outside in the interior design while also providing a rustic and eco-friendly solution.
There are seven suites, each individually decorated to reflect a different region of Namibia and each has its private lounge area with a fireplace and a dining room. There are large glass doors that open up towards a spacious deck where the clients can relax and the premium suites also offer a private plunge pool.
The rooms also provide air conditioning, HD satellite TV, a computer with internet access and a fully stocked mini bar with a premium wine selection. The hotel restaurant features a seasonal menu with a top cuisine and there is also a wellness center in the Olive Grove property adjoining the hotel.

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