The Snow hotel in Seoul, South Korea

When I was a girl, I love snow in Korea movie. It brought me the feeling of romanticism. When I search information about Snow Hotel in Korean it is so surprise when google gives me some picture of The Snow Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.
By a little information on internet, I just describe that this hotel was designed by the 1990 Uao architectural practice with an extreme focus on details, starting with the materials, joining and harmony of the whole so that the end product would be highly balanced but with a geometry that seems almost surreal.

The flooring has a material that was applied on the walls as well and a part of the walls are connected with the ceiling and floor to reflect on one another and thus enhance the complex interaction between the surfaces in a manner similar to that of a mirror.
The mosaic pattern on the floor and ceiling in the lobby leads to the penthouse on the top floor. The materials want to create an illusory feeling for the visitors with thick bricks stacked in one area and sliced in another so that there are unexpected elements at each step and the floor sometimes becomes a ceiling or a mirror each of them with lighting fixtures.

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