Luxury Homes On A Budget

Creating a home with wow factor and a luxurious feel needn’t cost the earth. Here’re a few of our top tips for creating a plush pad on a budget.

1. Buy Preloved

Luxury homes are full of clever designer gadgets that make life just a little bit easier. They are not necessities, and you can easily craft a luxury look without them. If you do feel you need to include them, however, go for one piece you will love that you can make a focal point of and use every day. Don’t be afraid to buy second hand with your gadgets. A lot of people who opt for authentic, high-end designs change their schemes often. This means there’s a variety of appliances on the market that are relatively new selling for a fraction of the cost they would have been originally. Make use of this and scour local dealers, eBay and even yard sales in more affluent areas for some bargains. If you’re aiming for more attainable luxury, or are not technology oriented, second-hand appliances are still a great way to save money for other projects. If you are on a shoestring, consider buying a broken appliance and paying to get it fixed, or fixing it yourself. Do some research and work out where the best source for Frigidaire parts is before you invest. If the nearest dealer is four hours away, this option might end up costing you more than you save.

2. Follow the Latest Trend

Luxury homes are often designed by professionals. They channel all the latest trends in an accessible, family-friendly way to create an identifiable look. You don’t need to shell out a fortune on expensive designers. Instead, invest in a few interiors magazines. Make use of ideas on Pinterest and suggestions on blogs to get an on-trend, designer look for less.

3. Dress Well

Accents and soft furnishings are key to creating a look that impresses guests and works with family life. Layer your sofa with silk (or faux silk) cushions and soft and sumptuous throws. For real decadence, drape a sheepskin rug across the back of the sofa. The contrast of textures not only draws the eye, it is a great way to disguise lower value furniture as well.

The type of accents you display around your home, and how you display them, all add to the look and feel. Couture styles are not full of clutter. They are characterised by carefully designed vignettes and large, statement artwork. If you are going to invest, this is an area in which to splash the cash. An antique bust or abstract canvas can make the look.

4. Be Selective

Take your time when designing your scheme and be selective. Don’t jump at everything you see just because it’s a bargain. Work out what you need for each space and search for the perfect piece to complete your look. Designer homes are often filled with bespoke pieces and made to measure designs. Being selective and taking your time to find the perfect rug, chair or accent lets you achieve a similar look at a fraction of the price.

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