Contemporary Apartment Design Tips You Should Know

Apartments tend to be much smaller than houses. That in itself means that they are challenging to decorate. If you have to furnish and decorate a small space, you need to find ways to make each room look larger than it is. There are many stylish ways you can get the most out of small apartments. By using chic design techniques, you can ensure that your home looks fantastic. Here are some contemporary apartment design tips you should know.

Use pastel colors in small spaces

When you are decorating a small room, you should make sure that you use pastel colors. Using white or beige will make the room look cold. Instead, use pale blue and violet to create a stylish look. You could also consider using accent pieces in the room to draw attention and make the room look larger than it is. Pick out specific features in each room and use a statement color to highlight them.

Use stripes to make small areas look large

If you want to instantly make a room look spacious, you can use stripes to create an optical illusion. When our eyes see stripes, we automatically follow the lines. That means that we believe that the room is big, even if it is quite small. You could consider using stencils to create stripes on your walls. You could also get a rug with stripes on it so that you can create the illusion of floor space.

Feature large windows

If you are lucky enough to have an apartment with large windows, you need to make the most of them. Windows make rooms look enormous because they offer a view of the outside world. Avoid using heavy drapes to cover windows as they will make the room look small. Instead, use light, translucent blinds so that natural daylight pours into each room. One of the main problems with large windows is that they can act as greenhouses. In the summer, you might find that your apartment gets hot. Look for an air conditioning service in St. Louis so that you never have that issue.

Make a large rug the focal point of your room

In your living room, you should ensure that you have one central focal point. Many people use feature walls or large pieces of art to draw attention in living spaces. Instead, you might want to consider using a rug as your focal point. Get a large rug with a dark print or a bold color to take center stage in your room.

Keep things simple and classy

As a general rule, when you are designing your apartment, you should keep things simple and chic. Trying to do too much in a small space will only make it look cramped and cluttered. Instead, keep things classy. Use simple design ideas and techniques so that your rooms look neat. You should work with no more than three colors in each room so that you don't overdo it. Sometimes, the best designs are plain designs.

Install contemporary lighting

In your bathroom, you should consider getting some modern lighting solutions. Bathrooms tend to be the only rooms that don't have windows in them. That means that they can be awfully dark when you don't get excellent lighting for them. You can now get lighting that fits on your walls and ceiling. You can create different lighting effects by positioning small light fittings around your room. Make sure that the color of your bathroom is neutral and soft. These colors tend to reflect light, and so will make the room look larger than it is. You can also use mirrors to help reflect the light around the room.

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