The imposing Villa Snagov in Romania presenting highly modern architecture

Located in Snagov, Romania and surrounded by peaceful natural landscape, this breathtaking residence called Villa Snagov presents highly modern architecture. Visualized and developed by DOOI Studio, the Villa Snagov impressed us by its imposing geometry and extensive use of glass windows. The residence is structured into two floors. The first floor is composed of an inviting reception area, a spacious dining room, a contemporary and tasteful living room combined with its “overhanging” terrace overlooking a glamorous view of the lake. 

According to the project developer Daniel Ciocazanu, “The starting point was the Intention to offer that feeling of drifting, of opening up to the lake while also embracing the forest. 

Thus, the team constantly searched for ways of expanding the house through its surroundings, by voluntarily integrating these in the inner space”.

[Photography by Cosmin Dragomir]

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