The fabulous hotel names Paasitorini

 War had over but we still keep proof of that time. The Paasitorini was a fortress that  was originally built for the Helsinki labor movement and in 2012 it was transformed into a hotel by the practice of K25 Architects adding a new wing to the early 20th century and 1950s facades.
This hotel project is made of granite and the new wing curves to act as a transitory piece with a façade made of ivory white bricks. Two of the sides act as filtering layers between the rooms and the inner courtyard while during the nighttime the hotel project is illuminated to give the impression of a snow lantern.
The hotel incorporates a conference center, a restaurant and utility areas in the center. Some of the programs were changed or placed in different areas for a more efficient layout and the overall philosophy was to preserve and respect the listed buildings while making them stand out in their full glory with the addition of a contemporary framework.

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