The breathtaking private residence Cove 3 House in Knysna, South Africa

Built in Knysna, a beautiful town with 51,078 inhabitants in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, this breathtaking private residence named Cove 3 House is the result of the collaboration between SAOTA and Antoni Associates. Overlooking magnificent ocean views, the Cove 3 House brings its owners a resort-like atmosphere with clean, fresh air, marvellous natural landscapes and luxurious interiors. 

According to the architects, the key idea for designing the residence is creating “a single living space with a single roof element floating over it that responded to the slope of the site. 

The roof is set at a sufficiently high level so that it is out of one’s line of sight from the living space, creating the illusion that one is sitting in the landscape rather than in a room looking out into a landscape. A large triangular cut-out in the roof reinforces a connection with the sky.

Midlevel horizontal sunscreen was added to the double height glass façade and the skylight is protected by a timber screen that hangs into the space to mitigate the scale of the double volume space. 

The building is orientated towards the view; one enters at the upper level of the double volume looking towards the ocean. The contrast with the external approach is very powerful. 

A grand stair pulls on onto the living level which holds the kitchen, dining room and living room. To the right the landscaping is pulled into the building, blurring the distinction between the inside and the outside.

[Information provided via e-mail by SAOTA; Photos: John Devonport & Micky Hoyle courtesy of VISI ]

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