A Quick Look At The Awesome Design Of The World Famous Butchart Gardens

Image:David K
Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Butchart Gardens are a modern marvel to behold. If you have yet to visit these gardens, and are planning a trip to Canada, you need to make sure that you include them in your travels. The gardens are over a hundred years old and attract many tourists every single year. When you gaze upon these gardens, there is so much to take in and understand. The expert designers have created a fantastic display of both modern and classic landscaping. Let's just have a quick look at the gardens and all they have to offer.

The Italian Garden and Star Pond

The Italian garden is a wonderful display of design and expert gardening. The massive pond, Star Pond, is at the center of this wonderful creation. The pond is home to a great many ornaments and decorative pieces, as well as some real life wildlife. As you walk around the pond, you should take note of some of the Italian style plants. There are many roses and brightly colored plants that compliment each other well. Behind the pond, you might also notice the strategic positioning of the statue of Mercury.

The Japanese Garden

If you have ever taken the time to look at Japanese architecture, you will have noticed its subtle design and style. Japanese style design is delicate and uses many natural elements. The Japanese gardens are no exception. Once you walk through the gorgeous gate to the garden, you will see a whole host of pathways in front of you. The garden is akin to a secret garden full of hidden spots and beautiful sights. ProActive Landscaping is truly at its best here, and you can see that the garden designers took great pains in creating this area. Water is a huge theme in this area of the garden. As you walk around, you will see streams and water displays everywhere you look.

Image: Makuahine Pa'i Ki'i

The Rose Garden and Fountain

The rose garden is just what it says - an entire garden of roses. Home to a stunning wishing well and fountain, the garden is a romantic escape from the rest of the tourists. Here, you can see a lot of passion and design combined. The flora outdoors is mostly summer style plants, and so when it is in bloom it is incredible. During the summer, a great many creatures, including exotic butterflies, come to the garden.

The Sunken Garden

The sunken garden is perhaps the most recognizable of the Butchart Gardens. If you have every seen photographs of the gardens before now, you will likely have seen this area of the gardens. There is a great lookout just above the sunken garden so that you can get a fantastic view of the area from above it. When you walk down into the garden, you will see an array of plants from different countries of the world. If you take a walk down the pathways, you will also notice some stunning work. In the sunken garden, you will also find the Ross Fountain, which is a great tourist spot.

Image: Makuahine Pa'i Ki'i

The Lawn Walk

Where the old Italian garden used to be, you will now find the lawn walk, which is a great part of the gardens. The best thing about the lawn walk is the art in the area. There are many carved, wooden statues. The statues range in theme. There is everything from animals to totem poles. Artists have created these marvelous pieces, and they have been in the garden ever since that. Throughout the year, there are loads of different concerts that take place next to the lawn walk, and so this area is a popular spot.

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