Give Your Home A Retro Makeover

If you are bored of your home and fancy a change, then why not opt for a retro style home. Vintage style furnishings and designs are highly fashionable at the moment. By making some simple design changes to your home, you can give it its own fashionable, retro look.

Swap your carpet for real wood floors

Wooden floors look great in any setting. They create a wonderful rustic look and will make your home look ever so warm and cosy. Wooden floors look stunning, can add value to the property and can actually make your house look a lot bigger. Plus, wooden floors go with everything, so no matter what colour you paint or wallpaper your walls, your floor will match.

Although replacing your carpets with wooden floors will mean an initial cost, the high durability of the wood will make it a worthwhile investment. Whilst you may be considering choosing artificial wood floors over real wood floors, remember that artificial wood won't give the same look.

Up cycle old furniture

One great bonus to have vintage style home is that you can up cycle old furniture instead of buying new.

If you have any pieces of old wooden furniture, such as a chest of draws or a bedside table, these are perfect for doing up yourself. If you don’t own any suitable pieces, don’t worry, all you need to do is pop to a local car boot sale or a second-hand furniture store. Although you will need to spend a small amount of money to pick up the pieces you need, it will only amount to a fraction of the price you would have spent on brand new furniture.

Whilst you can upcycle furniture yourself, it can be a bit of a long job. If you are willing to put in the time, research different do-it-yourself up cycling techniques and get to work. If you don’t have the time, there are companies that offer to upcycle furniture for you, at a small cost. So, this may be worth looking in to.

Alter your appliances

Consider how you can make your electrical appliances, such as your television, fit in with your new design scheme. Simple things like placing your television on top of a vintage-style wooden television cabinet can make all the difference.

Instead of having ultra-modern stainless steel kitchen equipment, see if you can swap to more classic designs. For instance, swap things like your kettle and toaster to more vintage, cream coloured affairs. These small things will help to give your kitchen a much more vintage feel. If you have always disliked your oven, and can afford to change it, why not invest in a retro-style design? Have a look online to get an idea of what’s available, and visit sites like Cameo Kitchens website to get an idea of prices. If you can afford it, an Aga cooker is perfect for a retro style home, and it is an amazing source of heat too.

Choose your wallpaper carefully

Make sure to choose a wallpaper design that matches the tone of the rest of the room. Sugar shades like pastel pink, mint and baby blue are all associated with vintage styles. If you fancy a patterned wallpaper design, get various samples and get a feel for what works best with your furniture. Floral designs are great for adding a retro look to a room, but your options don’t end there, there are various designs to choose from.

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