Another luxurious and beautiful hotel in Zurich

In previous posts, we has introduced many luxurious and beautiful hotel. Today, we continue bringing to you a hotel design in Zurich named as 25Hours Hotel Zurich West. This hotel is a highly complex project designed in 2012 by the Swiss architect Alfredo Haberli bringing together over 60 design pieces into a single structure. The ground floor is where the entry hall, lobby, restaurant and bar are located with a staircase to bring the visitors to the upper floor where the living area, guild room and kitchen club were places along with the events area.
The hotel has 126 rooms with categories ranging from Silver to Platinum and the Haberli Suite as an extra attraction. The top level hosts the sauna and each space is filled with ideas spanning from the main theme which is “the Smile of my Hometown”.
The design elements are combined in dazzling arrangements filled with color and rich textures for a joyous contemporary atmosphere that guides the visitors through the different areas while at the same time offering them a good time.

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