What Do You Need to Consider to Design the Ultimate Barbeque Area? Read on to Find Out

It is never too early to start thinking about fine weather and barbeques with friends; infact, the earlier you start planning, the better the chances of building the perfect space. Designing the perfect barbeque area is not as simple as laying the flooring (important though it is) and lighting the barbeque. There are other considerations, and here are a few for you to consider.


The size of your barbeque area will depend on the size of your garden, and you will find that a compromise is often needed between the lawn and the area you are designing. Your barbeque area should be big enough to hold all of your guests, which can be difficult without encroaching on your lawn, but not so big that it dominates your back garden. Most people find that they have their visitors spilling onto their lawn, which is fine if you are prepared to have your lawn ruined, but it is usually better to have some strategic seating on your lawn for overspill. This will help to maintain the lawn while accommodating guests who may be feeling a little cramped; a perfect compromise


Most barbeque areas are built from stone, and there are many good reasons for this. Keeping the area clean can be difficult because of food waste, but stone is generally easy to clean, and power washers can be used as often as you want. Maintenance is another important consideration, and stone will last a long time in all types of weather and doesn’t suffer from attack by pests or decay. There is also the added bonus that visiting a site like Easy pave will open up a world of different stones, colours, and designs, which you can use to make your barbeque area look exactly the way you want.


If your barbeque is going to continue into the evening and on into the night, you will have to think about your lighting sources. Outdoor lighting is not too expensive to install, and with the advent of LED lighting, you do not need huge lamps to illuminate your party. You can find some excellent examples of outdoor lighting online, and whether you want to have a bright light over your cooking area, or subtle lighting that will create a chilled out mood for your guests, you can find a solution to your problems


At least a portion of your new project will need to be under cover. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the weather to stay fine during the summer, so planning ahead will mean your barbeque can continue even in a rain storm. A permanent roof with open walls is one solution, but you will still need to have an open roofed area; otherwise you are not really having a barbeque. Retractable roofing is a great idea, and it is available with an automatic mechanism that will open it in a matter of minutes. This really is the best of both worlds as the cover will save your guests from a soaking, but will fold out of sight when not in use.


Many successful barbeques have had no more entertainment than great barbeque food and cheerful banter, but you are trying to build the perfect barbeque area, and not including entertainment would be wrong. Obviously, you will want to have some music for your guests, but you can expand on that, and have a large outside screen for sporting events or to watch a live concert. Pool tables and table football are always great fun when playing with friends, and take up very little space. If you have a little more space, you could set up a makeshift skittle alley, but for maximum entertainment a swimming pool is hard to beat; and will give you maximum kudos. By designing your ultimate barbeque area, you are helping your friends have the time of their lives; and isn’t that what friends are for?

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