How to get recovery from anxiety?

Recovery from anxiety
Many of us become very frustrated and find ourselves burned out very often or most of the time; in fact, burn out is a fact of life at some point in our lives, for all of us affected by anxiety.
When recovering from anxiety, for example, we do not magically become "better" and then suddenly have everything come to us. We do not have this euphoric revelation where everything is suddenly wonderful after being so difficult for so long. Rather, recovering from anxiety is a gradual process in most cases. It seems that anxiety that is brought on by some tragic event or extraordinary circumstances in one's life can be cured rather quickly, but in most cases, it has taken many years to form the anxiety condition, and as a result, it will take several years' worth of hard work to get back in a good place in life.
Here are some Tips and Advice to get recovery from Anxiety:

Listen to your body
When we first experience anxiety, it is, in most cases because of a period of stress and worry. Our body cannot take any more so it sort of shuts down; it has reached a breaking point and has said enough is enough. This may lead to feelings of anxiousness, feelings of panic, the feelings of detachment. In order to help yourself, do not fight to feel better. Do not worry and obsess about how you feel. You need to give your body the break it so craves.

Embrace nature
Step outside and take a walk, go for a bike ride or a swim. Try not to sit around indulging in self-pity at the way you are feeling. Getting out of the familiar surroundings that you find yourself in every day can refresh your mind and really give it another focus apart from yourself. This is a very good way of helping your thoughts become more outward instead of inward.

Just be

Stop fighting your symptoms, tensing against how you feel, trying to push your symptoms
away. Don't spend everyday going round in circles trying to figure it all out. This just adds more stress and anxiety to how you feel. Worrying just makes your mind more and more tired, more and more detached from everything around you. If fighting worked you would be cured by now so why not try the opposite.

Embrace your fears
Start to move towards your fears, as you may now know avoidance just does not work. By avoiding you are telling your body you are in danger, this then becomes a learnt behaviour and forms your new habit to run away from how you are feeling.

Forget the miracle cure
Many people like spend too much time searching for that miracle cure or the new magic pill that is just going to make it all go away instantly, that cure that so many people falsely promise. They also may be convinced they have missed something and that the answer must have eluded them so far.

Nothing is achieved overnight, but with knowledge, comes less worry, less fear and this helps give your mind and body the time and space it needs to recover.

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