Stunning and amazing girl's bedroom decoration

How to design and decorate room for your baby is one of big question of many couple. This work requires much attention about characteristics, hobbies and the gender of your babies.
Even if when you have these information, you still will be confused to decorate or design. Today, we give some tips to decorate and design an perfect teenage Girl’s Room.

1. Make it comfortable. 
Your room is where you can be alone and have personal time. You want to be comfortable in your room, so buy some blankets, rugs, curtains, and pillows that are your favorite color. You could also experiment and have a colorful room. It’s all your decision. If you want to save some money, you could make your own throw pillows and curtains.

2. Have some storage space.
You totally need storage in your room! Have some big funky containers in your room or display your stuff on shelves. Either way is awesome. Also, you’ll need a closet to keep your clothes. Don’t have a messy closet. Keep it organized and clean. Make sure you have special places for your shoes, hats, purses, and clothes. Don’t mix them up. Put your sweaters in drawers so they don’t get wrecked.

3. Get some seating. 
When your friends come over, you don’t want to have them sit on the floor! Buy a chair or two for you and your friends to sit in. Consider buying a beanbag chair. They’re comfy and they look good in bedrooms. If you can’t buy one, ask someone to sew you one. You could also buy a moon chair. They’re also very comfy and give your room a modern look. Another good option is an ottoman, especially if it doubles as a storage space!

4. Have a place to study. 
You’re a teen, so the homework load is starting to increase, and you have exams to study for. Rather than studying in your kitchen, have a study space in your bedroom. Get a desk and a chair for you to sit in and do your homework.

5. Don’t forget the lights! 
Have some good lighting in your room. Have a desk lamp so that you have good light when you’re studying, but have some other cool lights too. You can buy lanterns, fairy lights, or lamps in different shapes, sizes, and colors to really make a statement in your room.

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