Awesome bunk beds and playhouses for your kid's bedroom

When you have babies, you will seem to preparing the best thing for them. Bedroom will be the most thing that you will pay attention to.
It is amazing ideas when combination bunk bed and playhouse and these ideas receive interest of many parents. The beds are coming in many style and stature. And it is difficult for you to choose one for your baby. However, try yourself to take one by our bed suggestion in below pictures. Enjoy!

Elegance bunk bed of the Charming Collection. Luxury and romantic bunk beds for girls by Italian Style.

White and green bunk bed for girls by Domus arredi.

This Woodland Princess Castle from Posh Tots is a combination bunk bed and playhouse. The design maximizes space in your child’s room by giving her a play area and bed. The castle artwork is all hand-painted featuring the serenity of a forest with adorable animals throughout this realistic foliage on the castle grounds . Best of all the bed features a sturdy staircase with drawers and a waterfall slide exit. It is sure to delight your child and spark their imagination as they pretend they are in an enchanted forest made just for them

Just like the conventional bunk beds, the bed tents for bunk beds also come with guardrails and a ladder and are made from hardwood to make sure stability and durability. There are two basic types of these bed tents: the single bunk and double bunk. The single tent bunk beds will be much like aloft bed in that just the upper level is used as the sleeping area. The lower level is a play area around that the canopy is installed.

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