A wonderful hotel for people who desire the contemporary design

Encanto Hotel is wonderful choice of anyone who want to escape from the agitation but still desire the contemporary design to please their eyes. This hotel is located on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Acapulco, Mexico, and designed by the firm of Miguel Angel Aragone.
Project of this hotel was finished in 2010 and used the wonderful nature around it to its own advantage along with neon-light glass walls to offer the effect of a discotheque to the façade during the night. The large windows provide panoramic views of the beach and ocean while also permitting plenty of light to make the rooms brighter.

The hotel has 44 guest rooms, so it isn’t very large, but the comfort is really high with 20 private pools to choose from and also 24 private terraces offering you plenty to do and a lot of privacy.

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