Venice Villa: Stunning Accommodation Amidst the Canals

A stunning four-story villa in the heart of it all amplifies the romantic air that sweeps the island of Venice, an enchanting city that remains in the heart travellers for years to come

The bustle of San Marco Square and the majestic gondolas grazing the waters. Venice is the characteristic city unlike any other in the world, and we’ve found the little jewel that lies within: Casa di San Pietro. Located in a four-story Venetian Palazzo, it sleeps up to 16 people in 6 lavish bedrooms with 8 bathrooms. But more breathtaking than the space in this villa is the quaint and characteristic design.

The first floor finds itself in a welcoming dining and living area with rounded ceilings completely encased in stone. The kitchen and remainder of the bedrooms feature rustic wooden beams that highlight the antiquity of the home, offset by the contemporary style of the tile floors and minimalist furniture. A cosy niche can be found in the top floor loft that features a bar and another sleeping and sitting zone with views of the canal.

No Venetian Villa would be complete without plenty of outdoor areas to take in the scenery, and Casa di San Pietro does not let it fall by the wayside. Several rooms open to magnificent outdoor areas with views of the canal. A wonderful straw covered deck overlooks the characteristic Venetian homes that line the water, ideal for an early morning breakfast “al fresco”. The first floor features a heated pool in a glass-encased indoor area that opens to a lush garden. One of the most innate hideaways of the villa, however, is the rugged boat deck that hovers the canal and offers a quiet and relaxing place to soak in the sun. With three kitchens, large extravagant bathrooms with canal views and a sprawling terrace with the backdrop of Venetian culture, Casa San Pietro is a veritable refuge, a treasure in the heart of Venice. Its alluring character is just as unforgettable as Venice itself and is the ultimate in luxury travel, available for rentals through Italian agencies like Italy Customized. Surrounded by history, it stands beside a 16th century church designed by Palladio and a 15th century bell tower by Codussi, and is calling your name for your next beauty-inspired holiday.

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