Luxury interior in a loft in the building name "Red Apple", New York

Located on the 12th floor in the building name "Red Apple" in Sofia is this impressive loft. This loft spread over 96 square meters and have distinguished design of Soho in New York (old factories turned into studios and homes of artists in the 60s.

According to the designer:“In order to achieve a specific contrast I combined the energy and warmth of natural materials like brick, wood and metal with clean and minimalist modern design. The owner of the loft is a man with a bohemian and adventurous spirit! Therefore, my target was a place active and artistically, but simultaneously a good environment for many objects and works of art collected during his travels.”
The six-meter height in the living room allowed for the construction of an intermediate platform, which is a place for relaxation, meditation, reading and especially for the contemplation of the stunning view of the city. The designer also created two art-installations (“The Secret Garden” and “Urbanus Folklor”), which bring dynamic accents to the space of the living room and bedroom. “For me the realization of this project was a process of constantly reinventing and rethinking of my understanding of aesthetics and design and of course an irreplaceable experience“, concluded the designer.

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