Industrial Bauhaus Architects&Associates Office in Vietnam

Placed behind the main hallway of a 20-storey office building in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Bauhaus Architects&Associates Office was creatively converted by its owner, Bauhaus Architecs & Associates, from a dull 90 square-meter surface into a contemporary and industrial office design. By cleverly setting large curtain walls surrounding the offices, the architects brought an inviting atmosphere into the office and welcoming natural light inside the unified space.

One element stands out particularly in the overall design: “This is a box in a box, called by people the ‘house in the house’, where the director-team leader works. 

It is surrounded by transparent glass panels on its three faces and on ceiling while plaster board is used for the last facade. 

This element carries the company’s logo; seen behind the reception bar, it consists essentially of stacked long wooden boxes”, explained the architects.

[Photography: Le Anh Duc – AIF STUDIO]

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